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Double-side planer with multiple ripsaww machine
Double-side planer with multiple ripsaww machineML9420M/9430M

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規格及型號 Specifications&models ML9420M/9430M
加工寬度 Working width 200mm(ML9420M)300mm(9430M)
加工厚度 Working thickness 20-100mm
最短加工長度 Min working length 650mm
送料速度(變頻) Feeding speed(frequency conversion) 3-18m/min
鋸軸直徑 Saw spindle diameter 50mm
刀軸直徑 Shaft diameter 50mm
鋸片規格 Blade specifications 305-355×70mm
刨刀規格 Planer specifications 125×50mm
上刀電機功率 Upper knife motor power 9/11kw
下刀電機功率 Under the knife motor power 7.5kw
左刀電機功率 Left knife motor power -
右刀電機功率 Right knife motor power 4kw
鋸軸電機功率 Saw shaft motor power 30kw
送料電機功率 Feed motor power 5.5kw(變頻)
鋸送料電機 Saw feed motor 0.75kw
橫梁升降電機功率 Beam lift motor power 0.75kw
總功率 Total power 57.5kw/59.5kw
電壓 Voltage 380v
外形尺寸 Over size 4100×1350×1600mm
裝箱尺寸 Packing size 4200×1450×1700mm
重量 Weight 3200kg
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