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Edge Wokeniao woodworking equipment machine maintenance

Announcer:Vokeneo  Time:2017-04-07

             The use of edge banding machine is to improve the efficiency of furniture edge banding, so as to achieve practical benefits. In order to maximize the efficiency of the edge banding machine, it needs to be maintained. The following Wokeniao for maintenance method introduce sink edge Cheng woodworking equipment machine:

First: to carry out regular maintenance sealing machine, sealing machine usually nursed back to health period between 17 to 20 days, wear carefully check gear and bearing, etc. in the course to be nursed back to health, if you wear the need for timely replacement.

Second: edge sealing machine after use, to clean up, eliminate impurities in the production process, at the same time to check whether all parts are available, screws and the like are fastened, after cleaning, to do a good record.

Third: to ensure the normal operation of the lubricating system, regular replacement of lubricating oil, lubrication of the relevant parts, the choice of lubricating oil should be appropriate.
           Wokeneo woodworking equipment maintenance in order to extend its edge to confidential service life. Therefore, the above three points of maintenance you need to pay more attention to.

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