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Four-side planer with multiple ripsaww machine
Four-side planer with multiple ripsaww machineML9620SM

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規格及型號 Specifications&models ML9620SM(對剖鋸) ML9520SM(上下鋸)
加工寬度 Working width 35-200mm 35-200mm
加工厚度 Working thickness 10-100mm 10-100mm
最短加工長度 Min working length 650mm 650mm
送料速度(變頻) Feeding speed(frequency conversion) 5-25m/min 5-25m/min
鋸軸直徑 Saw spindle diameter 40mm 50mm
刀軸直徑 Shaft diameter 40mm 40mm
鋸片規格 Blade specifications 305×40mm 205×50mm
刨刀規格 Planer specifications 125×40mm 125×40mm
上刀電機功率 Upper knife motor power 7.5/9kw 7.5/9kw
下刀電機功率 Under the knife motor power 5.5kw 5.5kw
左刀電機功率 Left knife motor power 4kw 4kw
右刀電機功率 Right knife motor power 4kw 4kw
鋸軸電機功率 Saw shaft motor power 18.5kw×2pcs 18.5kw(上鋸)15kw(下鋸)
送料電機功率 Feed motor power 4kw(變頻) 4kw(變頻)
鋸送料電機 Saw feed motor 0.75kw×2pcs 不需要
橫梁升降電機功率 Beam lift motor power 0.75kw 0.75kw
總功率 Total power 64.25kw/65.75kw 60.75kw/62.25kw
電壓 Voltage 380v 380v
外形尺寸 Over size 3900×1650×1600mm 3900×1650×1600mm
裝箱尺寸 Packing size 4000×1750×1700mm 4000×1750×1700mm
重量 Weight 2900kg 2900kg

Manager Wang:13620825850

Manager Li:13923224656

Address:Shunde District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Lunjiao Xi Chung Industrial Zone Long Wei Road on the 10th

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