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Four-side Moulder series
Four-side Moulder seriesMoulder MB-M620

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規格參數 Main technical Data MB-M620
加工寬度 Working width 25-200mm
加工厚度 Working thickness 8-130mm
工作臺長度 Working table length 180mm
送料速度 Feeding speed 0-25m/min
主軸直徑 Main shaft diameter φ40mm
主軸轉速 Main spindle speed 6000r/min
氣源壓力 Pneumatie source pressure 0.6mpa
總功率 Overall power 31.55kw
送料功率 Feeding power 4kw
右立軸 Right shaft 4kw/φ125-φ165
左立軸 left shaft 4kw/φ125-φ165
第一下刀軸 1st lower shaft 5.5kw/φ125
第一上刀軸 1st upper shaft 5.5kw/φ125-φ165
第二下刀軸 2nd lower shaft 4kw/φ125-φ165
第二上刀軸 2nd upper shaft 4kw/φ125-φ165
送料輪直徑 Feeding wheel dia φ140mm
吸塵管直徑 Dust outle diameter φ140mm
外形尺寸 Ovreall size 3050×1500×1800mm

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