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Double sided planer sawing
Double sided planer sawingML9023

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規格及型號 Specifications&models ML9023 規格及型號 Specifications&models ML9023
加工寬度 Working width 20-230mm 電機總功率 Total power motor 34.82kw
加工厚度 Working thickness 10-75mm 下刀 Under the knife 4kw
最短加工長度 Min working length 630/450mm 上刀 Knife 5.5kw
鋸軸直徑 Saw spindle diameter 40mm 下鋸軸電機 Lowre saw shaft motor 22kw
鋸軸轉速 Saw spindle sped 400mm 送料電機 Feeding motor 2.2kw
刨刀軸直徑 The planer shaft diameter 40mm 橫梁升降電機 Crossbeam lifting motor 0.75kw
刨刀軸轉速 Cutter shaft speed 6000r/min 鋸軸升降電機 Saw spindle elevator motor 0.37kw
送料速度 Feeding speed 5-20r/min 氣源壓力 Gas pressure 0.4-0.6mpa
第一下刀 First down knife 120×40 吸塵口直徑 Dust suction diameter 2×120mm
鋸片直徑 Blade diameter 255×40 機床重量 Weight 2800kg

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