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Automatic rip saw series
Automatic rip saw seriesMJ153D

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規格及型號 Specifications&models MJ153D(變頻,短料)
鋸切厚度 Sawing thickness 5-120mm
最大鋸切寬度 Maximum sawing width 460mm
最小鋸切長度 Minimum sawing length 200mm
最大鋸片直徑 Maximum saw blade diameter ?355mm
鋸片內孔徑 Saw shaft speed ?25.4mm
鋸軸轉速 Saw shaft speed 3660r/min
主電機功率 main motor power 11kw
送料電機功率 Feed motor power 1.5kw
壓料箱升降電機功率 Lifting box lifting motor power 0.25kw
總功率 Total power 12.75kw
重量 weight 980kg
工作臺尺寸 worhing desk size 1850*980mm
外形臺尺寸 Dimensions 1850*980*1470mm
裝箱尺寸 Packing size 1950*1080*1570mm

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