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Four essential points for the development of woodworking machinery

Announcer:Vokeneo  Time:2017-05-19

           2016 for woodworking machinery industry, is full of hardships and twists and turns of the year, 2017 is full of hope, but the market is more intense year, woodworking machinery enterprises want to move forward, still need to follow the following main points.

Distinguish between desire and ideal
            In recent years, China's economic development into the fast lane, a lot of woodworking machinery enterprises began to become impetuous, generally began holding the speculation business, is expected to be more with less pay, expect to take a short cut to achieve success and win recognition. The world does not have what shortcuts, woodworking machinery enterprises to become the ten major brands, consumers want to get the hearts of good reputation, to lead the development of the industry, this is the ideal, but if you want to go brush votes, false advertising and other shortcuts that just to meet their own desires, and go the wrong way. Therefore, woodworking machinery enterprises should distinguish between desire and ideals, and maintain the ideal of the beginning of the heart, do not choose the shortcut, the wrong way.

Understanding details and depth
          In a lot of marketing books have talked about the details determine success or failure, for woodworking machinery enterprises seems to do the product details can succeed, in fact, precisely "depth decides success or failure". The details is only superficial, really important is the details behind the depth, the depth of inclusion production technology of competitor, market situation analysis, the depth of understanding of the needs of consumers in depth and so on, only to the depth of mining, sheet enterprises can go further.

Believe in talent and team
         Talent is the most valuable team and a wealth of business, woodworking machinery enterprises should not only cultivate and retain talent team construction and maintenance, but also learn to trust and team management and personnel, the personnel, material enterprises should implement the "thinking, word and deed", develop and retain these executive power and the ability to think talent; for the team sheet enterprises should build a tenacity, persistence, there is a sense of mission and a clear division of the team, and the team with 100% trust. In this way, high-quality personnel and efficient team will be able to lead the board enterprises to a higher level.

Grasp the data assets
        The future is the data of the times, for the future of the company will be driven by data, only data driven to snowball the competitiveness of thick, to achieve efficient scale in the shortest possible time, so that enterprises can better grasp the market dynamics and consumer psychology, and further improve the market competitiveness. Therefore, woodworking machinery enterprises should grasp the pulse of the data age, keep pace with the times, accept data development situation, train data assets, and apply big data means.

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