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The environmental impact of Shunde District Wokeniao machinery limited company expansion project ass

Announcer:Vokeneo  Time:2017-05-18

         Foshan city Shunde District Wokeniao Machinery Co. Ltd. entrusted Hunan Hong Sheng Environmental Technology Research Institute Limited company to undertake the project of Shunde District of Foshan city Wokeniao Machinery Co. Ltd. eia. According to the UNCED [2006]28 documentation requirements, the basic situation of this project will be publicized to the public, for the public to the construction of the project in the field of environmental protection of the attitudes and opinions, accept public supervision.
One,Name and outline of construction projects
Name of project: the project of Shunde District Wokeniao Machinery Co. Ltd. of Foshan City
Construction nature: expansion
Construction location: Foshan city Shunde District Lunjiao Xi Yong Cun Wei Hui Wei Road No. 10 of
The main content of Construction: Foshan District of Shunde city Wokeniao Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in woodworking machinery production, processing and production of woodworking machinery 270 taiwan. The company is planning to expand in the existing plant due to the development needs, adding a powder spraying production line and a spray paint production line.
Two, the name of the construction unit and contact information
Name of Institution: the project of Shunde District Wokeniao Machinery Co. Ltd. of Foshan City
Contact person: Ms. Wang contact phone number: 13923225525 mailbox: 442382332@qq.com
Address: Foshan city Shunde District Lunjiao Xi Yong Cun Wei Hui Wei Road No. 10 of
Three, the name of environmental impact assessment institutions and contact information
Name of Institution: Hunan Hongsheng Environmental Protection Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Miss Li contact phone number: 020-29831972 mail box: cqushuang@qq.com
Mailing address: Furong Road South, Changsha, Hunan, Hunan, China, and the capital of China
Four, work procedure and main content of environmental impact assessment
The work process consists of three phases, namely, the preparatory phase, the formal work phase and the preparation of the reporting phase.
The main tasks include:
1. Assessment of regional environmental status. To investigate and assess the sensitive spots and pollution sources in the region and its vicinity, investigate and assess the natural and socio-economic conditions of the region and its surrounding areas, and the water, gas, sound and ecological environment quality.
2, according to the relevant laws and regulations of People's Republic of China "Environmental Impact Assessment Law" and other requirements, to produce the noise impact on the surrounding environment during the construction period of construction project evaluation and analysis and put forward the Countermeasures of pollution prevention and control; focus on operation of atmospheric environment and water environment, acoustic environment and accident risk impact assessment and pollution control measures proposed for. At the same time, due to the environmental impact prediction and evaluation of the project construction period and operation period.
3. Public opinion survey on environmental impact of the project. Solicit public opinions through announcements, questionnaires, and random interviews in the media.
4, comprehensive multi analysis results, from the perspective of environmental protection, environmental feasibility of the project concluded.
Five, the main issues for public opinion
The publicity mainly seeks the public's basic attitude towards the construction of the project; the environmental issues that should be paid attention to in the compilation of the environmental impact assessment; and the related suggestions and requirements of the construction units.
Six, the main way of public opinion
The public can by telephone, mail, e-mail or interviews, submit comments to the construction unit or its commissioned environmental impact assessment agencies (in the public opinion at the same time please try to provide contact details, so that the construction unit or units in a timely manner to your evaluation feedback information).
Seven, the public opinion of the beginning and ending time
Please within 10 working days after the announcement, your comments will be promptly reflected to the EIA unit or construction unit.
Eight ,project location map

Manager Wang:13620825850

Manager Li:13923224656

Address:Shunde District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Lunjiao Xi Chung Industrial Zone Long Wei Road on the 10th

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